WOD: 8-24-12

No dropping…

Skill: Muscle Up practice

WOD: For Max Pull Ups:  20 min AMRAP of:

1 attempt of max Pull Ups
Double the number of Push Ups
12 Front Squats (115/75)


Ladies and especially the gentlemen.  The video link below you is that of a shirtless man doing a Barbell movement.  I strongly encourage you to look at the Barbell and how it reacts when hitting the ground from overhead.  After you have acknowledged that, feel free to stare at the shirtless man all you want.  And also a big thanks to Jason Casey for allowing me to “drop” some knowledge


Please understand that we ask you to not drop the bars for a good reason.  It would be silly to think that a bar can withstand this kind of usage for prolonged periods of time.  There are situations where dropping the bar is ideal, like in cases of extremely heavy weights or for safety’s sake and the number of workouts where this should happen consistently is minute.  Please note that this only applies when you have rubber weights on the bar. When there are no plates or just metal plates, there is no reason to drop the bar.  If safety is a concern with just a bar, you need to work on technique with a PVC pipe.

With that out of the way, let’s talk WOD.  This workout is for a maximum effort of Pull Ups.  Pull Ups will be how this workout is scored.  The metric for how you will measure your completed work in today’s workout will be by counting, one at a time (1 pull up = 1),  the Pull Ups done in the time allotted.  You may be asking yourself why I said the same thing three different ways…I will be keeping a tally of how many times I am asked how this workout is scored tomorrow afternoon.  We’ll see if three times was enough.  With that being said, let’s have a run down, in case it still doesn’t make sense…

3…2…1…GO!!! (cue Disney music)

You will perform as many Pull Ups as you can in one attempt (yes, you can use bands or scale to Ring Rows).  Let’s say you do 15…that means you now have to do 30 Push Ups, (2 x 15 = double the amount of Push Ups) and then 12 Front Squats.  You then get another attempt at Pull Ups and that party will repeat itself for 20 minutes.  There you have it.  The only problem is that holding a proper Front Squat rack tends to be difficult after a rather large amount of Push Ups.

I can’t believe it has been six years Pluto.  We still miss you so,



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